On all five continents, vehicle manufacturers use our compact and modular designed lamination technology. A tried-and-tested system design. material-saving concepts, automated processes and quick-change systems for maximum possible utilization make the highly reliable and low maintenance systems and tools from AKE-technologies a benchmark in the lamination sector.

Lamination system for closing handles (1 car set)
with adhesive-coated stitched leather blanks

System description

  • Manual equipping of the closing handles base carrier on the upper tools of the press system
  • Manual placing of the leather blanks with positioning over the stitching and vacuum fixing
  • Automatic transfer of the blanks to the lower tools of the press system
  • Adhesive activation and component preheating by adapted IR radiator system
  • Automatic lamination of the components in two steps:
  • Step 1: Laminating the stitching with a seam blade
  • Step 2: Laminating the side walls by downstream sliding units
  • Edge-folding follow-up process with reactivation of the required areas by hot air and sliding units arranged in a circulating manner
  • Automatic component output at the back of the system via a conveyor belt

Lamination system for arm rests (1 car set)
with adhesive application and stitched leather blanks

System description

  • Flexible system concept with four separate lamination edge-folding stations
  • Variable deployment of workers (up to 4 persons)
  • Workplace protection through vertical roller door systems to exclude unintentional process interruptions by the workers
  • Manual equipping of the arm rest base carrier on the upper tools of the press systems
  • Manual placing of the spacer fabrics with insert templates in the foam bed
  • Manual placing of the leather blanks in the laminating tool with positioning of the stitching by laser pointer and vacuum fixing
  • Automatic adhesive application with robot system in a spinning spray process for fixing the spacer fabric and the stitching to the base carrier
  • Subsequent automatic lamination process in both tool systems
  • Automatic adhesive application applied as a bead for the downstream automatic edge-folding process
  • Circulating rework-free edge-folding process of the component edge
  • Separate monitoring of the adhesive equipment with cyclical checking of the output and tool alignment