As a technology-neutral manufacturer, we provide our customers with gluing and joining systems in all required degrees of automation. We combine many years of experience with power of innovation and absolute customer orientation. Newly developed processes are tested at AKE-technologies for their practical suitability in an extensive series of tests. The output is always a product with the highest level of quality.

Gluing system for trim parts

System description

  • System solution as rotary indexing table with four processing stations and parallel processing of two components to increase production capacity
  • Workplace protection via contact-less light protection system with step-back guard for ergonomic workplace design
  • Manual insertion of various components by the workers
  • Tool systems with component mounting molds and bonding systems for attached components
  • Component mounting molds with integrated parts detection and locating
  • Automatic adhesive application with two robot systems applied as a bead for the downstream automatic jointing process
  • Monitored jointing and cooling process of the glued joints
  • Separate monitoring of the adhesive equipment with cyclical check of the output and tool alignment
  • Automatic component removal with a robot system and transfer function to the downstream system for further processing