AFC Anti-Friction Coating

Dry anti-friction films open a range of possible applications for which we – together with customers and partners – always find the perfect solution. Anti-friction coatings are increasingly gaining in importance as a reliable design element. With its high degree of know-how in material comparability, AKE-technologies ensures the reduction of friction and wear, cleanliness and long service life.

System example:

Sound-insulating coating / AF Coating System

Fully-automatic dispensing system for durable preventive coating of disruptive noise-suspect components in the passenger compartment.

System description

Sound-insulating coating / AF Coating System
  • Flexible component variance due to modular workpiece carrier system
  • Insertion and removal section as combined or standalone stations (a version with two stations is shown in the picture, i.e. insertion and removal station adjusted separately to the parts flow)
  • Efficient coating of the parts by preventing overspray
  • Reproducible, process-optimized coating process with fully-automatic robot control
  • Quality certification by cleaning station and flow control
  • Drying of painted parts by energy-efficient circulating air system
  • Replaces cost-intensive manual gluing-on of felt strips or similar materials
  • Huge savings potential in the parts price calculation for acquisition activities

Cycle time example for a car set consisting of

  • 4 door inside trims, front and rear, left and right
  • 4 closing handles
  • 4 arm rests
  • 4 sills
  • Cycle time of 55 seconds for the described components!