Training and workshops

The use of innovative technologies for noise prevention is not an isolated individual discipline. To use them intelligently, they must be adapted to the specific application. This lets us provide our customers with high quality analyses, diagnostics and advice with the implementation.

We offer a series of workshops and training courses on the subject of disruptive noise acoustics which support you in selecting the best technology for your special requirements and in the ideal system integration.

Here are some examples of our workshops:

  • Disruptive noise treatment has to be planned: Introductory course with a complete assessment of your situation and strategy development for effective disruptive noise prevention
  • Disruptive noise acoustics workshop: The Basics (one-day course)
  • Disruptive noise acoustics workshop: Expert Course (two days)
  • Disruptive noise analysis on the hardware
  • Disruptive noise analysis in the development phase
  • Stick-Slip measurement and assessment
  • Shaker tests with corresponding drive files