SAL software tool

The Noise Analysis and Solution software (SAL) is a unique and patented program for virtual surface analysis and prediction of undesired creaking and/or squeaking noises at contact points. The PC-based software is a valuable tool for early analysis and solution of disruptive noise problems, especially in the development phase. Results are output in the international standard traffic light system (red, yellow, green) and also provided with an RPN (Risk Priority Number). SAL includes the comprehensive "Solutions Finder" function that provides the possibility of "fast optimization" in all phases of development. All inputs and results are automatically stored in a database.
SAL is thus the most essential and cost-effective method for disruptive noise prevention.

Brief description

  • Expert system for analyzing contact points in the vehicle or of components
  • Objective analysis of critical disruptive noise contact points
  • Integrated optimization recommendations for problem solving
  • Knowledge storage by integrated database function