Noise Recording System

The Noise Recording System is used for recording and analyzing noises that occur in the vehicle or on components. The software-based solution from AKE-technologies allows realistic analysis of these data. All information can be reproduced and compared as often as necessary. Structure-borne noise or airborne noise can be accurately located and consequentially eliminated. Clear limits of the point at which a noise is sensed as distracting can be defined by the sensor-controlled system.

System components

  • Hardware and software for recording and analyzing disruptive noises in the vehicle or in components
  • Netbook with data logger and various sensors for recording disruptive noises (accelerometer, measuring microphone, structure-borne noise microphone, stem microphone)
  • Software for data recording and analysis with comparison function
  • Objective analysis and comparison of disruptive noises
  • Headphones for manual analysis and comparison of disruptive noises