Buzz, Squeak & Rattle – Quality lies in quietness

Car drivers react extremely sensitively to distracting ambient noises in the interior. Noise design and elaborate vehicle acoustics with insignificant low values have become the norm today in all classes. Potential problem areas can be detected in good time and eliminated with the noise analysis from AKE-technologies.

Tremendous technological developments in the automobile and supply industry in recent years have resulted in the vehicle interior becoming ever quieter and therefore noises, that were obscured in earlier times, are increasingly perceived by customers as annoying. When new materials are employed, often it is not known beforehand what effect they have on the ambient noise in the interior. Even the interaction of certain materials can lead to unwelcome noises such as squeaking or creaking. In order to be ready for the consumer segment of the future, we provide our extensive range of services on the subject of noise acoustics.

AKE-technologies is the only company in the field of noise acoustics that provides the complete range of know-how and technology: From the excitation technology such as shaker systems to a solution in the form of anti-friction coating application systems. Our customers can benefit at an early stage from our know-how through theoretical support in the development phase.

With the German Noise Analysis and Solution Center (Störgeräuschanalyse- und Lösungszentrum or SALZ, we have created our own facility where we can graphically present the latest technologies and services in the field of disruptive noise acoustics to our customers.