High Power Shaker for components

The EvoCarb

The EvoCarb is set apart by a completely revised design that now includes a patented vibrating table made of carbon.

The carbon, thanks to its specific structure, affords the system an exceptionally low weight. Despite its low weight, the material is distinguished by its outstanding rigidity and perfect stability. What is more, carbon is 4 times more durable than aluminium. As an added advantage, the material is also perfectly resistant to corrosion and temperature. The heat expansion of the material is barely measurable.

These unrivalled properties of the carbon material have an immediate positive effect on our new component shaker. The vibrating table we incorporated into our shaker is made exclusively of carbon fibre. The use of this material slashes the weight of the table from formerly 60 kg to 20 kg, resulting in a tremendous boost in performance. This weight reduction makes it possible to test components with a dead weight that can now be higher than ever before. In addition, the rigidity and extraordinary durability of the carbon guarantee a power transmission into the component that is of enormous magnitude and precision.

Highly resistant to corrosion and environmental degradation, the material used in our patented shaker makes the shaker perfectly suitable for use in a climatic chamber. This level of aptitude, in turn, allows for simulation tests under all kinds of conditions. Boasting a space-saving design, our actuator delivers unparalleled performance in the smallest of spaces, making it versatile enough for a host of different applications.

Our EvoCarb allows for the testing of a large variety of components that are used in various different industries. Our shakers are equally well suited for testing components and assemblies that originate in the automotive or in the air and space industry and can even be used for white goods.

The intricate design of the EvoCarb allows you to raise the centre section of the vibrating table separately. Smaller components can be tested without the need to oscillate the entire table. In this position, the small vibrating plate is given additional support to ensure that the power is still transmitted with perfect efficiency.

In spite of its singular capabilities, the EvoCarb is whisper quiet while in operation. Its negligible noise output makes it possible to pinpoint potentially disruptive noises and enables our customers to find the appropriate solutions at an early stage.

High Power Shaker for components

Komponenten-Shaker EvoCarb
Komponenten-Shaker mit Hochleistungs-Aktoren
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Komponenten-Shaker in Aktion

Shaker system for analyzing components

The components (e.g. seats and instrument panels) are consecutively excited on this shaker system in three axes (X/Y/Z) with synthetic signals or with signals from drive files.

System description

  • Base frame with steel base plate and 3 adapter positions for a High Power Shaker
  • Swivel table, 1500 x 650 mm, with component mount and bearings
  • 1 HPS 350 High Power Shaker with adapter plate
  • Switch cabinet with shaker controller
  • PC system for control and analysis
  • Sensor system and mounting device for drive file recording
  • Software with data logger, headphones, measuring microphones for disruptive noise recording and analysis