Anti-Friction Coating (AFC) systems

Anti-friction coatings are a proven means for preventing the Stick-Slip effect and, hence, disruptive noises. They can be easily used for the long-term prevention of creaking and squeaking. Especially for hard plastics, e.g. for contact points between ABS/PC, POM, PP or leather/foil, the application of the transparent dry lubricant is recommended.

We provide anti-friction coating systems that coat components extremely effectively. Thanks to modular workpiece carrier systems, different components on a system can be treated. The process-optimized coating process with fully automatic robot control ensures uniform, reproducible quality and cost-effective production. Integration in upstream and downstream production lines is possible without any problem.

System example:

Sound-insulating coating / AF Coating System

Fully-automatic dispensing system for durable preventive coating of disruptive noise-suspect components in the passenger compartment.

System description

Sound-insulating coating / AF Coating System
  • Flexible component variance due to modular workpiece carrier system
  • Insertion and removal section as combined or standalone stations (a version with two stations is shown in the picture, i.e. insertion as well as removal station adjusted separately to the parts flow)
  • Efficient coating of the parts by preventing overspray
  • Reproducible, process-optimized coating process with fully-automatic robot control
  • Quality certification by cleaning station and flow control
  • Drying of the painted parts by energy-efficient circulating air system
  • Replaces cost-intensive manual gluing of felt strips or similar materials
  • Huge savings potential in the parts price calculation for acquisition activities

Cycle time example for a car set consisting of

  • 4 door inside trims, front and rear, left and right
  • 4 closing handles
  • 4 arm rests
  • 4 sills
  • Cycle time of 55 seconds for the described components!