Assembly systems for airbag manufacture

Fully-automatic assembly system
for the assembly, sealing and testing of an airbag ignition unit

System description

  • Combined component, or material feeding as bulk material or magazined in trays
  • System solution as rotary indexing table with various processing stations
  • Automatic assembly of the igniter assembly with propellant dispensing
  • Automatic dispensing of the sealant with UV curing and subsequent overpressure testing
  • Batch-based data recording and communication with process control computer
  • 4.8 second cycle time for the assembly of one airbag ignition unit

Fully-automatic test system for airbag igniters

System description

  • Component feed magazined in workpiece carriers, component output as bulk material and sorted according to test results
  • Integrated pressure chambers for applying helium (45 minutes at 15 bar) with automated workpiece carrier handling
  • System solution as a rotary indexing table system with 4 processing stations
  • Automatic testing of the airbag igniters with a helium leak checker in combination with high vacuum
  • Component-based data recording and communication with process control computer
  • 2 second cycle time for the testing of one airbag igniter