Assembly system for Edscha in China

The automobile industry in Asia remains on a growth course. AKE-technologies is also present in this key market. The Edscha Group, which we can include in our customer base of many years, also wants to make further investments in the existing factory in Anhui in addition to setting up a new site in Kunshan. A project already realized by AKE-technologies at this site is the fully-automatic ECC 35 assembly system on which the door stop, in particular, for the VW Group is mounted.

This system was first assembled and functional at AKE-technologies. For running-in, 50,000 sample parts were then shipped from China to Passau in order to simulate the Chinese conditions and to check the quality of the parts. After the delivery release, the machine was dismantled again, shipped to China and reassembled there by our fitters. After commissioning and final acceptance, extensive training courses were held on site in Anhui so that the finished door holders could run from the conveyor every 5 seconds. Throughout the entire project, weekly telephone conferences were held in order to promptly counter any potential obstacles.
Special attention was also paid to the training of the Chinese employees as this is a key part of the know-how transfer. Three Chinese employees traveled from Edscha to Passau in order to become familiar with the mechanics and electronics of the system on site at AKE-technologies. The guests received comprehensive training from our dedicated staff in regard to operation and maintenance so that any difficulties encountered in China could be countered in good time and to ensure proper production. They were also able to get to know similar systems.

The Head of the Process and Technology division at Edscha, Dr. Lars Kief, described the project as very exciting and as a great challenge. In retrospect, this successfully completed project was a tremendous experience which confirmed AKE-technologies intentions of acting on an intercontinental basis and of being well-equipped for the constantly growing globalization and, above all, in a positive manner.